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My DC Limo

My DC Limo's FAQ

  1. What types of vehicles are in your fleet?
    Our fleet is a blend of luxury, from elegant sedans to stretch limos, spacious SUVs to stylish vans, catering to various group sizes and preferences.
  2. How can I book a ride with you?
    Booking is a breeze! You can reserve through our website, give us a call, or drop an email. Just share the date, time, and destination, and we’ll set up your stylish journey.
  3. Are your prices all-inclusive?
    Absolutely! Our prices cover the entire experience, including the base fare, taxes, and gratuity. Any extra services might be the encore.
  4. Can I make changes to my reservation?
    Of course! You can modify or cancel your reservation with a bit of notice. Just keep in mind our cancellation policy might do a little cha-cha.
  5. Are your chauffeurs experienced?
    Absolutely! Our chauffeurs are seasoned pros, ensuring your ride is not only comfortable but also safe and stylish.
  6. Can I customize my ride with extras?
    Definitely! We offer add-ons like refreshments and Wi-Fi. Let us know your preferences when booking, and we’ll add that extra sparkle.
  7. Do you provide airport transfers?
    Yes, we do! Our airport transfer service includes flight tracking to ensure smooth pickups and drop-offs, no matter the time.
  8. How early should I book a limo?
    Sooner is better! Especially during peak times, booking in advance secures your ride in the limelight.
  9. Which areas do you serve?
    We cater to the DC metropolitan area, covering both local and out-of-town adventures.
  10. Can we enjoy drinks in the limo?
    Absolutely! As long as you follow the laws of the land, you can toast to your journey.
  11. Can I choose a specific limo model?
    We’ll do our best to match your preferences, but it’s subject to availability. Let’s chat about your dream ride.
  12. Are your vehicles insured?
    Yes, our vehicles are fully insured, ensuring your ride is not only stylish but also secure.
  13. How do you handle delays?
    Our drivers are pros at navigating unexpected situations, ensuring your ride remains smooth and enjoyable.
  14. Is smoking allowed in your vehicles?
    Sorry, no smoking allowed. Our limos are smoke-free zones for a fresh and comfortable atmosphere.
  15. Can I hire a limo for special events?
    Absolutely! We’re your go-to for weddings, proms, corporate events, and more. Let’s discuss how we can add a touch of elegance to your special day.

For more inquiries, our Customer Service team is here to assist you. Let’s make your limo experience extraordinary!